Waste Management and Services

  • We offer waste services to hotel, restaurants, villas and the community

  • We work according the principles of "Merah Putih Hijau"

We collect solid waste which is already separated into organic and non organic. Our statistics can proof that we are able to diminish waste streams in a way that only about 10-15% will finally go to the landfill. That means: we diminish solid waste about 85-90%.

Organic waste processing:

_ We process organic material in 2 ways: aerobic composting (garden waste) and composting with the Black Soldier Fly, BSF (kitchen waste and pig manure)

_ We collect used cooking oil (UCO) which is processed into biodiesel by Yayasan Lengis Hijau, Denpasar

We collect all non organic waste that can be recycled:

  • Plastic bags (PE, HDPE)

  • Various plastic items (PET, PE, HDPE and others)

  • Various kind of paper 

  • Glas

  • Metal, Aluminium

Dangerous waste is separated. 

The rest (about 10%) is taken to official landfills in Bali.

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We are working continuously on expanding our services and our know-how to the community and to all people who are interested in joining us or learning from us.

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